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Swamini Karuna - Jógasetrið Reykjavík - Sun. 27. okt. kl. 20:00

BHAKTI MARGA The bhakti path means a love relationship with God, with the Ultimate. A love affair with the Whole. It means that one is ready to dissolve into the Whole, that one is ready to invite the Whole to come into one’s heart. - Paramahamsa Sri Swami Vishwananda
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Swamini Karuna - Jógasetrið Reykjavík - Sun. 27. okt. kl. 20:00

Tími- og staðsetning

27. okt. 2019, 20:00 – 21:30
Jógasetrið, Skipholt 50c, Reykjavík, Iceland

Nánar um námskeið/viðburð

Swamini Karuna, kemur í heimsókn til okkar frá London, til að kynna fyrir okkur Bakti Marga leiðina. Hún leiðir okkur í gegnum heilandi OM chant og Satsang (sem er samtal um andlega málefni). Ég hvet þig eindregið að koma og njóta með okkur ef forvitni eða löngun drífur þig. 

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Four years ago Paramahansa Vishwananda initiated Swamini Karuna into the Bhakti Marga Vaishnava Lineage. She is the Swamini responsible for Paramahansa Vishwananda’s mission in the UK, Ireland, Iceland and Greenland. Swamini Karuna developed a course around the Simply Meditation techniques introduced by Paramahansa Vishwananda. Simply Meditation teachers help people in the secular world open up to the many benefits of meditation. Swamini Karuna has since trained over 250 Simply Meditation teachers worldwide.


Swamini Karuna was drawn to spirituality as a young child. After leaving secondary school, she went to university and received a BA Hons Degree in Philosophy and Economics and a Post Graduate Diploma in Education. She had hoped to find the meaning of life during her studies in Western philosophy. However, she knew there was something missing in the academic world. Through her time at university, Swamini Karuna realised academia did not have all the answers, despite the university professors’ prodigious knowledge and the wealth of philosophy literature available to students. Rational and logical dominated academia’s culture, but it had no ‘heart’.

She began to read Vedic texts from India. The profound spiritual wisdom revealed within the scriptures inspired Swamini Karuna to travel overland to India and Nepal. During her travels, Swamini Karuna’s impelling aspiration to find a deeper purpose led her to visit holy sites in Turkey, Iran, India and Nepal. The spiritually charged atmosphere at these places of pilgrimage gave her an altogether different insight into an inner philosophy, which was not present in modern Western philosophy.


Swamini Karuna became interested in relationship between science and consciousness. Her research culminated in her attendance at a ground breaking seminar by the renowned physicist, Professor David Bohm. Professor Bohm’s presentation explored how science and a new consciousness could come together. He created a new paradigm that unified our inner and outer reality.

With new discoveries in neuroscience, the gap between science and consciousness was beginning to dissolve. Swamini Karuna became fascinated by how scientific research can unify our inner reality with our external reality – bringing them together in a unified holistic paradigm.


Swamini Karuna founded The Hale Clinic in 1987 and HRH The Prince of Wales, a long time supporter of complementary medicine, formally opened the clinic in 1988. The clinic s based alongside Regents Park, London and was the first of its kind to bring together conventional and complementary medicine, with medical doctors working alongside complementary practitioners.

The driving force behind the clinic was the understanding that cooperation between the two systems of medicine was more likely to improve the patients’ health. The Hale Clinic partners with 80 practitioners who offer 40 different therapies at the present time. Clinics and hospitals around the world have replicated the clinic model devised by Swamini Karuna.

Achieving good health is a vital foundation in the pursuit of happiness. Running the clinic, it became obvious to Swamini Karuna that happiness is not enough on its own. Without the spiritual dimension, good health can only take you so far in the pursuit of happiness.

She feels one of the next big steps is to bring in spirituality and medicine together.


Swamini Karuna has taught various forms of meditation for the last 40 years. In 2003, she met her Spiritual Master, Paramahansa Vishwananda. At the time she was not looking for a Spiritual Master. When the meeting took place between them, she immediately experienced a love and peace she had never experienced before in her meditation practice.

She was so overwhelmed by Paramahansa Vishwananda’s presence that she decided to be near the ‘Divine Love’ He emanated at every opportunity.

Her life would never be the same again. With the endless Grace of Paramahansa Vishwananda, her spiritual path accelerated rapidly. She realised that one month with her Guru, was equivalent to 20 years trying to gain spiritual wisdom and understanding on her own.